Tekla sa pakikipagbalikan sa ex na humantong sa Tulfo na si Michelle Banaag

Donita Nose and Super Tekla clarified their reason for releasing the video in which they interviewed Michelle Banaag.

‘Donekla in Tandem’ did not have any bad intentions and just wanted Michelle to make a public apology for the sc*ndal it caused after Tekla was in hot with Tulfo.

In fact, Tekla’s ex-partner himself said in the now-deleted video that he regrets it and hopefully they just talked about their problem and didn’t lead Raffy Tulfo’s program.

However, Tekla clarified, it does not mean that he and Michelle will be back together as the public is allegedly throwing stones at them.

Even Donita assured the public that Tekla and Michelle will never see each other again.

“Hindi po talaga pwedeng mangyari na magkabalikan sila. Ako mismo magsasabi sa inyo ‘pag nagkabalikan sila, ako mismo ang magagalit,”

“For sure, ‘pag nagkabalikan sila, aalis ako sa Donekla in Tandem, iwanan ko siya,”

However, Tekla also said that he has forgiven Michelle for her actions so that she can calm down.

It never crossed his mind to have a relationship with Michelle again and the only reason they met was their son Baby Angelo.

“Once and for all, walang balikang magaganap, no after all, wala na teh,” nang tanungin siya ng diretsahan ni Donita kung mahal pa ni Tekla si Michelle.

He reiterated that his forgiveness to the ex -wife was for their son who desperately needed the care and support of the parents because of his illness which they are still treating.

It was October last year when the public awoke to the controversy involving Tekla over the accusation of his former live-in partner Michelle Banaag on Raffy Tulfo’s program.

This caused the two to separate and for Tekla to leave the condominium where he and Michelle and some of her relatives were staying.


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