Sharon Cuneta, sobrang lungkot dahil sa mga pangyayari sa kanyang pamilya

Megastar Sharon Cuneta’s heart is broken again today because her daughter Frankie Pangilinan will be away from them again.

Yesterday, the girl flew to New York and Mega admitted that she was feeling “heartbroken” again as a mother.

Frankie will continue his studies in America for her coveted college degree. His vacation in the Philippines was only extended due to the pandemic.

On her Instagram account, Sharon posted a photo of herself and Frankie taken as they said goodbye to each other.

“Today is actually a very sad day for our whole family… My Kakie, my Baba, is flying back to New York right about now… and if my heart had already been breaking for days over her leaving and other matters, today it is in pieces.

“Whenever a child of yours—especially one so loving and with such a pure and good heart leaves, she takes a big piece of your heart with her,” ang unang bahagi ng caption ng OPM at movie icon sa kanyang Instagram post.

She said that she is also worried for Frankie’s younger sister Miel now that the siblings have been apart for a long time.

“Her Ate Kakie is her bestest friend in the whole world, and over seventeen months of pandemic togetherness, my two younger girls have become only closer, stuck like glue, relying and depending on each other for anything and everything…

“She is her Ate Kakie’s Baby Peanut, her Ponyo, the love of her life… But her Ate Kaks taught her to be strong while she is left alone here with us…

“Their song for each other, one of several, is The Carpenters’ ‘Without You’ (I can face all the madness the world has to give, but I won’t last a day without you…).

“That should give you an idea of how very attached-at-the-hip my girls are,” pahayag ni Mega.
Pagpapatuloy pa niyang mensahe, “As a mother, my heart is full because of their very special, unbreakable bond.

“But it is heartbreaking to see your bunso baby girl hurt and try to stay strong knowing that her Ate isn’t going to be there everyday anymore, at least until Christmas (If things don’t get better around here, when Kakie comes home for her short Christmas break, she will have to spend ten days in quarantine, and therefore most likely spend her birthday alone in her hotel room, knowing her family is so near yet so very far.).

“And my heart is at once lost and bawling over missing her and feeling her absence… The sadness around here now is palpable,” aniya pa.

She also said that she did not eat much during the birthday celebration of her husband Sen. Kiko Pangilinan because she was already thinking about Frankie leaving for New York.

“This photo was taken last night during Kiko’s birthday dinner… during which Mama couldn’t really eat… and pretty soon, we were all shedding tears,” sey ng singer-actress.

This is his message to Frankie, “I love you so very much, my Baba… Take care of yourself… And that large chunk of Mama’s heart which you took with you tonight. God bless you and keep you safe, my good girl.”

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