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`Pinakapangit na lalaki sa buong mundo` ginulat ang lahat nang ibunyag kung ilan ang asawa nito

How would you describe your ideal man?

Sometimes, we are always saying that the person looks doesn’t important as long as they have a good personality but of course, many people can’t deny that they are looking for partners whose physical appearance is already worth bragging about.

But the reality, they tend to believe that if a person is more attractive, a lot of people admire and want to be like that.

Actually, we got a story about a man in Uganda. This man is known as the ugliest but has three wives.

The 47-year-old man from Uganda named Godfrey Baguma also known as Ssesabi. He won the world’s ugliest man competition year 2002.

According to the news, Godfrey joined the said competition because he know that he can be take home the prize to help his family and to support their daily needs. then suddenly, he was right! He was able to bring home the prize.

For him, He not only won the prize but the heart and love of the people. His fascinating life story has slammed those people who believed that only attractive people can experience happy life and marriage.

Baguma was named as “Ssesabi” which means worst of the worst, has recently shocked netizen after they seen the photos from his third wedding and immediately went viral.

Baguma tied up with his third wife in a colorful wedding ceremony. The details as to when and where the romantic ceremony happened that remained as a mystery, but first thing first, the newly weds looked really happy and loved to their wedding photos.

Before trying the knot and settling down with his third wife, Baguma has previously married a 30-year-old woman named Kate Namenda. He had five children with his second wife and prior to that, he had two kids with his first wife.

According to gossips, Baguma broke up with his wife after he saw that his wife was cheating on him.

But now, it seems everything got better for him as he is totally happy and contented in his life with his third wife and hopefully they would start to build their own family.

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