Mga Netizens, Nagalala sa kalagayan ngayon ni Mygz Molino

After the disappearance of Mahal Tesorero, the sudden thinning of Mygz Molino is noticeable.

It has also been eighteen days since Mahal left the world. But only recently did Mygz visit the grave of the late actress.

Mygz had to be quarantined along with his family after Mahal tested positive for C0VID-19.

During their visit to the grave of the former actress and comedian, the male vlogger shared some photos on his social media.

Their followers are happy that Mygz has finally visited Mahal.

But other than that, many netizens also noticed that Mygz’s body seemed to have collapsed at the same time as his mustache and beard can be seen which is a sign he isn’t in a good shape

Their supporters are worried for him because they are sure that he is still mourning the loss of Mahal.

In the comment section, netizens poured their love and encouragement for Mygz to be stronger for Mahal.

They said they noticed that he was getting thinner so they couldn’t help but worry.

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