Lyca Gairanod, Nagbigay Tulong Sa Lolang Kasabay Niya Noon Mangalakal ng Basura

The life of The Voice Kids Philippines champion Lyca Gairanod is not unknown to everyone. In fact, many admire this young girl for his dedication to reaching life’s dreams despite a series of trials ahead.

Before entering the said singing competition, Lyca traded garbage every day to help her parents who also do not have a permanent job. Instead of complaining about the stench and heat of the place, Lyca often sang for fun throughout the day.

It can be considered a blessing that she won the singing contest and this was the way for her to lift the whole family out of the hardships of life. They had their own house, car and other deprivation so Lyca was able to help other people.

In her latest vlog, Lyca surprised another Lola. According to her story, she saw Lola Ising when she returned to their old house and her heart was really touched because even in his old age, she was still earning a living.

“Naantig ako nung makita si Lola dahil nakita ko sa kaniya ang ginagawa ko noon.”,

So the young singer wasted no time and immediately asked her companions to buy groceries that she would give to Lola. Before she showed the surprise to the old woman, Lyca first talked to her and found out that she had been in business for 30 years. Lola earns 20 to 30 pesos a day just to fill her growing stomach.

Lyca couldn’t help but be emotional and she could feel what she was going through because that’s what her life had been like before. That’s why she didn’t take long and showed Lola Ising the surprise foods.

Lola Ising was overjoyed and could hardly believe that she had it all. She hugged the young singer and was very thankful for the grace received.

Meanwhile, Lola Ising left a good message to netizens and said let’s just trust in the Lord and not give up on life.

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