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Loisa Andalio, bilang isang bread winner, inamin nahihirapan na ngayon dahil sa walang trabaho

Loisa Andalio became emotional in her interview about losing her job.



One of the most in-demand actresses in ABS CBN is Loisa Andalio. Many fans love her because of her talent and her Filipina beauty.




But what happened to Loisa Andalio after her home network shut down and failed to renew its franchise?



As we all know, Loisa started her showbiz career after he joined Pinoy Big Brother. And many opportunities were opened or Offered to her as a project.



Today, Loisa is one of the in-demand and most followed young actresses in her generation.




But all of a sudden, all of this stopped when p4ndemic hits us. In addition to that, her network also shut down.



During her interview in Magandang Buhay, Loisa can’t help herself and got emotional when Loisa shared her feelings after losing her work.



“Pinaka challenge talaga yung nawala yung work. Bilang isang breadwinner , di ba mahirap? Ikaw yung inaasahan ng family mo.” 



As a breadwinner to her family, Loisa is now worried about her family. She also said that her brother’s income is just budgeted with their families.



Luckily, Loisa can vent this out to her boyfriend Ronnie Alonte because they are both breadwinners to their family, they can understand each other.



She also said that she’s been keeping herself stronger for her family. She doesn’t show her soft side to her family that she is worried about them.



However, she admitted that she is hard for them.


“Pero deep inside, hindi okay e”.



Loisa is just one of many Filipinos who lost their job because of this pandemic.

What matters is, all of us are now moving forward so is Loisa. And we all hope that this pandemic ends soon.





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