Kristine Hermosa sa ‘ad0pted’ eldest son: ‘Hindi Aksidente na binigay ka Niya sa Amin

Kristine Hermosa and Oyo Sotto, both proud parents, now have a teenager.

Kristian Daniel, the couple’s eldest kid, who they affectionately refer to as Kiel, had his 13th birthday on August 17, 2021.At their house in Quezon City, the family had a little party for their kid.

On their Instagram pages, Kristine and Oyo both posted photographs of Kiel. The couple’s attractive binatilyo wowed many of the couple’s Instagram followers.

Kristine also sent their panganay a nice note.

Kiel is one of the biggest gifts in their lives, according to the 37-year-old celebrity parent. Before they married in January 2011, she and Oyo adopted him.

Kristine wrote on her Instagram post, “Walang aksidente kay God. Hindi aksidente na binigay ka niya sa amin.. na ikaw ang naging daan sa matinding training namin bilang magulang.. [emoji]

“Thank you for always trying to be better and for understanding our shortcomings. You are a good and obedient son, Kiel.. don’t forget that.

“God has a great plan for your life, always obey and honor Him in everything you do.”

She continued, “Happy 13th birthday, Kiel! We, your family are just here for you.. [emoji] We are proud of you.

“Your siblings are all looking up to you and are all cheering you on. They adore you so much, Kuya. Please lead them well. [emoji] We love you! #Kiel #13 #OfficiallyATeen”

Oyo also expressed his unwavering love for Kiel.

His Instagram post read, “I thank the Lord for 13 years of your life here on earth. You are such a blessing to us Kiel. I may not be perfect but always remember that Dada loves you so much!

“I pray that as you go through your teenage years, you will seek the Lord all the days of your life. I love you Kiel! Happy birthday! Let’s create more good memories! I’m excited for you [emoji]”

Kiel’s supportive titas Danica Sotto-Pingris, Joy Sotto, and Ciara Sotto were among the first to greet him on his birthday.

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