Jinkee Pacquiao, tila palaban sa mga mapanghusga, nag flex pa ng mamahaling carpet

A funny post was shared by Jinkee Pacquiao that seemed like a joke for her bashers.

Jinkee Pacquiao’s supporters and even bashers still can’t get over her expensive designer bags and OOTD which reaches millions that she shares on his social media accounts.

It can be recalled that one of those who teased her was veteran showbiz columnist Cristy Fermin.

However, jinkee Pacquiao did not show annoyance despite the negative issues thrown at their couple following Senator Manny Pacquiao’s recent fight.

After rumors surfaced regarding the price of the OOTD worn by Jinkee in her husband fight, online articles appeared in which the price of the clothes used by Jinkee was computed.

That’s why in her Instagram post, the wife of Pambansang Kamao has a joking caption. About the expensive carpet of their house.

She joked in the caption that it was in the Visayan language, saying that people might include the expensive carpet in their computation.

She added that the Fendi Casa carpet was not really their own but their neighbors there.

“Basi apilon napud ug compute ang carpet kay Fendi ra ba! dire ta mangaluya sa silingan lang ra ba ni! joke, joke, joke!”

And this expensive carpet is already included in the computation. It was found that the Fendi Casa carpet collection costs from ₱ 50,000 to ₱ 500,000.

In another new post on Instagram, Jinkee seems to be alluding to people who are “bitter.”

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