Dating Model at DJ, Laya na matapos ang 5 years sa kulungan

“5 Years ago it said in my diary, start VLOG videos! However, due to my sudden incarceration, I wasn’t able to fulfill my dream.

“Here I am starting again, as I step out of jail and fulfill what I wrote back in Aug 2016. I was gone for a while but then it made it all more interesting.

“I went through a painful situation that changed my life. Here’s what happened, me stepping out of jail and how I begin again… Do watch and share this journey with me!”

This was written by former Monster RX93.1 DJ who is also an actress, businessman and model , Karen Bordador on her YouTube channel this Friday.

“Not guilty,” the sentence on Karen. She was jailed for five years in the Pasig City jail for allegedly being a dr4g dealer with his ex-boyfriend Emilio Lim last August, 2016 when she was caught in the latter’s condo unit.

“In the morning I have a 2:00 – 6:00 a.m. radio show and in the afternoon, I have an event where I was an influencer for and I had a bunch of food so I thought and maybe I visit my ex (boyfriend) din for surprise, so I did that and 30 seconds later upon arrival, just 30 seconds! My life completely changed,”

Although he tested negative for drugs, the authorities still did not release her, “Imagine 30 seconds, I would lose like years of my life, my career, my everything really. Basically, I was at the wrong place at the wrong time.

“If I wouldn’t have gone else where that day or I was a little later few seconds later that would not happen to me at all,” Karen remembers once showing pictures with the whole family.

“Five birthdays inside, 5 New years, Christmases without my family, it was a very different experience from the life I normally a custom to. I’m pretty sure. Who can never say I’ve been to jail, me!

“Although the incident did not happen at all, I accepted that everything that happens to a person must happen. That even if it’s one percent, it can happen to you.

“It happened to me, so if I’m gonna be somewhere, I’m gonna make sure to make a difference where I am at, and I’m also gonna try to do something very meaningful and purposeful so I made each day out.”

Karen also showed the photo with a lady guard and her holding the release j4il form while exiting the j4il.

“On the 15th of June this year 2021, I was aquitted!” masayang sabi ng dalaga.

“Yes, I was finally acquitted, I’ve been waiting for that day for the longest time like every single day, I would pray, pray, pray, pray. When the verdict was announced, I super cried, sobrang cried, grabe 5 years! Like to lose your life for 5 years,” dito na tuluyang tumulo ang luha ni Karen.

“I wouldn’t say that I really lost it because I made so much progress inside, I made, I learned so many skills, read 300-plus books or probably more, created a library inside the jail.

“So I felt so so blessed like, sabi ko, this year, 2021, will be my year. So, I walked outside sobrang happy,” aniya pa.

She was videotaped walking out of Pasig City Jail with the lady guard while holding the release jail form,, “Me, walking outside it probably would show how excited I am!”

And when Karen was released, she was told nothing but her mother and driver as she photographed herself, “Yehey, going home.

“I didn’t let anyone pick me up, I didn’t tell my friends. I just surprise them. But my mom knew, of course because she was super involved in my case like taking care of everything. I’m super grateful to my mom, she’s the best person ever.”

“Feeling ko hindi ito totoo! Nasanay na ako sa loob, ‘yung akala mo doon ka lang tapos biglang nangyari, na-acquit. Alam mo ‘yung kakaiba talaga.”

Her driver said , “Nasa bahay ka na (habang papalapit na sa bababaan) parang magic lang ‘no? Ang tagal ng panahon.”

Karen answered, “Imagine ‘no? Kinaya ko ‘yun? Inisip ko may purpose si Lord. Hindi naman niya gagawin ‘yun para sa wala lang.”

Telling more about this in his vlog,“When I got home, I hug Jean, mayora sa bahay. (Niyakap din ang ina). When I entered the house, wow, everything look so big (kumpara sa kulungan niya). Like the house so huge to me.”

It was also mentioned that everything she saw inside their house was refreshing as well as the food pouches they had in the cabinet were full.

They prepared alot of food for Karen and she was shown eating at the same time her mom said, “Nakakatakot makasama o makatabi ang bagong…”

Karen continued, “Laya? Ha-hahaha!” And everyone laughed.

Karen also showed her room that she had not slept in for years, “My room is so pretty. I can believe I missed out on this. I’m going to live with my mom happily ever after. ”

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