Atlast! Patrick Garcia, nakalalaki rin, proud na ipinakilala sa publiko ang napagwapong bagong silang na anak

Actor Patrick Garcia was very happy after his wife Nikki was probably pregnant with a boy, so they immediately announced it to the public. The couple was very happy because this matter was really answered prayer for their family. They already have three children and they are all girls so they want to have a son.

Meanwhile, this past week Nikki successfully gave birth to her fourth child and they named it Enrique Pablo.

“Truely beyond grateful…You and your ate’s are our answered prayer!…World meet our son…”, Nikki shares her Instagram post where she showed the photo of the newborn baby together with Daddy Patrick.

Meanwhile, Nikki is also very grateful because she overcame the hardships she went through when she was pregnant with her youngest child. She admitted that her pregnancy with Enrique was not easy compared to her three sisters. In fact, the doctor advised him not to leave the house too much and to rest as much as possible. He was also picky about foods and often became addicted or lost his appetite.

Now that Patrick and Nikki have four children, their family has become even happier and the actor really admired his wife for her courage and a caring mother to their children.

“Thank you Lord sa biyaya na ipinagkaloob mo sa amin….Most of all thank you Father God for my wife,…bravest and strongest woman na kilala ko.”,

Today Patrick is also hands-on in taking care of his wife and he is very proud because he finally has a son. He is already excited for Enrique to grow up so that he can have a bonding partner.

Meanwhile, netizens are thrilled with the very cute baby and they are also excited to see who it will look like growing up.

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